What I’m Into: February 2014.

What I'm Into: February 2014 | Shana Norris Blog
What I’m Into is a monthly sharefest hosted by Leigh Kramer. It’s where we talk about what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to, and thinking about throughout the month. Here’s how I’d sum up my February:


I just finished This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. Seriously funny. Lots of laugh out loud moments. Lots of laugh a few hours later when you recall a funny passage moments. I hear they’re making a movie of this one and if that’s true? I’m so watching it. Disclaimer: sex and language in abundance.

I listened to the audio version of Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards this month. Her debut novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter was much better, as was her short story collection The Secrets of a Fire King. I just couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the characters in this book.

In the course of one 10-mile run, I finished The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillip Sendker and started The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian. I hadn’t paid much attention to who was narrating the latter when I downloaded it to my iPhone so imagine my surprise when I heard the same voice. Cassandra Campbell narrates both novels (very well, I might add.)

Next up: Divergent! I’ve been talking about reading it forever, put it on my 2014 reading list, and now it’s finally time.


We continue to make our way through Scandal and it continues to delight. (Did you hear that Kerry Washington is keynoting BlogHer 2014?!)

I’m still loving Once Upon a Time when I can fit it in. And I’m holding off on trying House of Cards until we catch up on Scandal but I’m kind of chomping at the bit what with all the Season Two hype.

The kids and I had so much fun watching the Olympics and consumed copious amounts of popcorn and M&Ms with each viewing. I think I gained five pounds during those two weeks.

I took the little kids to see The Lego Movie (meh) and Ally and I saw Labor Day in Springfield. Two thumbs up for Labor Day. I liked it much more than I expected to.


I’m listening to the How They Blog podcast every week. I’ve also just started tuning into The Smart Passive Income podcast and The Moonshine Jesus Show. I’ve only listened to a couple of each, so I can’t really recommend them yet.


Far, far, FAR too many monster cookies. On the flip side, I’m really craving salads lately. Does the latter make up for the former?


Still wearing monochrome, stripes, skinnies, leggings. I can’t stop looking through the new H&M catalogue, and I’m lusting after a pair of Minnetonka Kilty moccasins. Also, I’ve ordered three pairs of athletic-type leggings in the past week. I think I’ve officially entered into a phase.

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Now it’s your turn: what have you been up to this month?


  1. Those monster cookies look AWESOME. Will have to try!

    Labor Day was on a list I saw on Buzzfeed about all the books that will be made into movies this year.

    Have a great weekend, Shana!

  2. Yay!

  3. You found Family Sport Life. I like Tara so much.
    And I did hear about BlogHer and I want to go SO BADLY but I don’t know if it’s possible. It’s during my birthday and near my favorite city!
    And popcorn and M&Ms? I think I need both right now.
    I love Once Upon a Time and it’s finally starting again in the next week or two.
    Tamara recently posted…And The Award Goes To..My Profile

  4. Well, now I’m craving monster cookies too! This is why I can never bake… I eat it ALL. Love love love Family Sport Life. Tara is good people. =) I might have to check out This is Where I Leave You — I am really into funny, light hearted books these days.

  5. OMG – I read Divergent and Insurgent in one weekend. Planning on finishing Alegiant this weekend. LOVE these books. Not sure what I will read next.

  6. 1. Kerry Washington for President …right? 2. I just got some Minnetonka moccasins (in marigold) around New Year’s and LOVE them. All the reviews are correct, though – they run big. 3. Please mail me some Monster Cookies. And thank you. :)

  7. Great round-up. I’m going to have to start listening to books – perhaps that would allow me to read more. I still haven’t watched Scandal. So happy that it is March.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted…How Not to Feel Guilty When Taking a VacationMy Profile

  8. OMG. I hadn’t planned on going to Blogher- it has always felt big and scary to me but Kerry Washington? That just might make me change my mind!

  9. Divergent is next on my reading list too! I at least want to read it before the movie comes out!

  10. Shana – I love Scandal too! I hear Kerry Washington is pregnant in real life…I can already see how they are trying to cover it up on the show! I am guessing we are only going to see her from the waist up in future episodes?

    Love that you share podcasts you are listening too…I am always looking for new ones!

  11. I have read Lake of Dreams and enjoyed it, but not The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. Yet.
    So curious about Scandal as I keep seeing it mentioned! Completely missed it, may have to get the DVDs… xx
    Funky Wellies recently posted…Silent Sunday / My Sunday Photo | 2nd March 2014My Profile

  12. Read Divergent soon!! The movie is coming out!! :)

  13. I was so into reading the first month of the year but fell off the wagon in February. I need to read Divergent. I’ve heard nothing but good. And stripes – can’t get enough!

  14. So happy to hear that you liked Labor Day. It’s been on my radar for a while and I can’t wait to see it! Scandal!!! I’m over the moon that it’s back! But you really must make some time for House of Cards. It’s pretty delish, too. :)
    Ginger – Just One of the Boys recently posted…Week #5 ~ A Healthier, Happier YouMy Profile

  15. How much are you loving Divergent?! I’m in the camp that loved the whole trilogy, ending and all. Will be curious to hear what you think once you’re finished. I’m so glad Once Upon A Time is back on. I’m curious what will happen the rest of the season.
    Leigh Kramer recently posted…The Enneagram and Blogging: Type SevenMy Profile

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