My Mamalode Instagram Takeover.

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking over Mamalode’s Instagram feed. Here’s my Monday in photos and captions:

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that when I wake up I get coffee.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“It’s 1 degree and sunny here in northern MO, cold enough for a 2-hour delayed start to the school day.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“I’ve had this peace lily since my now 19-year-old daughter was hospitalized for over two months 10 years ago. At the time, the doctors offered very little hope for her recovery. This morning she’s Facebook messaging me from just outside Nairobi, Kenya where she’s spending her spring break working at an orphanage. This plant is a daily reminder that miracles do happen.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“Working lunch.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“What happens when you ask your artist husband to pick up make-up applicators at the store: color.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“Taking a few moments to relax with a book + tea while watching the kids work off pent-up energy playing in the backyard.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“She’s so excited to start writing letters to her newly sponsored “sister” in Colombia.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“New leggings arrived in the mail today. I’m wearing them already. A little colorful, bright spot on this cold, white winter day. They’re so soft – the kids keep touching my legs.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“Dinner. My kids love eating by candlelight. Sometimes I want to skip it in favor of quick and easy but they usually talk me into it. I’m always glad later, because a little candlelight makes a meal feel extra special.”

Mamalode Instragam Takeover | Shana Norris Blog

“And … that’s a wrap. Thanks for letting me share my day with you, Mamaloders. It’s time for family game night now. xoxo.”

Check out Mamalode’s website HERE and their Instagram feed HERE.


  1. Those leggings! You are braver than me. What do you wear them with? We sponsor a child from Colombia through World Vision too. I’m not as good about writing him as I should be, though… =(
    Sarah recently posted…March Goals, and February Goals in reviewMy Profile

    • Monday I wore them with a solid color fleece. I can see wearing them with a white tee or tank this summer. Something simple since the print is pretty bold. Seriously, they were so comfortable it felt like I wasn’t wearing pants at all!

  2. How fun! I love the coffee one!!!!!!! How beautiful that plant that reminds of the miracle that happened for your daughter. I have an orchid that reminds me my dad is still around (he passed away a few years ago). And what cute colorful makeup applicators!!! Great leggings. I wanna touch them too, but not in a creepy way ;) .
    lisacng @ recently posted…February month-in-review and reader appreciationMy Profile

  3. So much to love!
    And I do sometimes get excited before bed when there’s something great to eat or drink at breakfast.
    And I had no idea about your daughter, but what a beautiful peace lily!
    I wish you could take over my Instagram. I forget I have it sometimes!
    Tamara recently posted…Too Darn Happy.My Profile

  4. Somehow I have accidentally taken a bit of a break from Instagram so I had missed this. I am so glad you shared it here. What a wonderful story of your day. And so much to say‚Ķ Ditto to your love of coffee. And did you like Divergent? I had mixed feelings. And your leggings are crazy cool! And have you ever written about your daughter’s hospitalization? I want to know more. How scary that must have been!!
    Stacey recently posted…Click: A New Favorite MagazineMy Profile

    • I haven’t written about the hospitalization, Stacey. I need to. It’s still painful to think about, but it had such a good ending. I’m about 2/3 finished with Divergent and yes, I’m enjoying it. Like Hunger Games, it took me a good 1/2 of the book to really get into it. Pretty excited to see the movie now!

  5. How fun to take over someone’s instagram feed! Great photos. The peace lily photo brought tears to my eyes.
    Crystal @ Sew Creative recently posted…Oooey Gooey Caramel Skillet Cinnamon Roll RecipeMy Profile

  6. Hello Shana! I was hoping you could tell me who to contact at mamalode to ask about taking over their Instagram for a day?

    • Holly, I’d recommend leaving a comment on one of their Instagram photos (maybe on a non-takeover day when it’s the person normally in charge of their Instagram account posting the pictures.)

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