March 2014 Goals.

March 2014 Goals | Shana Norris Blog

How about that February, friends? I won’t say it was a bad month, but I won’t say I’m sad to see it go, either.

February was a month of sickness, of snow and biting cold, of evenings curled under blankets reading or watching television with the people I love most in this world, of friendships broken, of other friendships redeemed, of creative scarcity, of exhaustion, of hope, of awakening, of daring …

February was full. Of good and bad. Of life.

How did my goals go in the midst of this crazy beautiful month?

1. Have a family game night. B. It actually happened March 3, thus the B.
2. Have a family movie night. A.
3. Try two new homemade pizzas. F. Not a one.
4. Have three unplugged days. C. I had two.
5. Sleep more. C. Some progress is better than none?
6. Go out for breakfast. A+. Twice!
7. Listen to live music. F. Concert was cancelled.
8. Have a family Valentine’s dinner. A. It was breakfast, actually.
9. Make a care package for Ally and deliver in person. A.
10. Stay on schedule to finish Juliet’s annual photo books by the end of March. B. I’m a little off schedule but haven’t given up on finishing by March 31.

March Goals | Shana Norris Blog

My March goals:

1. Meditate daily.
2. Take the kids hiking.
3. Run 100 miles.
4. Tune up our bikes.
5. Have a St. Patrick’s Day dinner or breakfast.
6. Ten random acts of kindness.
7. Embrace turning 40 in at least three ways, big or small.

How is March going for you so far? Tell me one thing you’d like to see – or make! – happen this month.

March Goals | Shana Norris Blog

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  1. It’s a big birthday month for both of us! I’m turning 35. (gasp!) I think a St. Pat’s meal sounds really fun. I pinned some green mint-chocolate waffles that look really good. =) My office always has a big St Patrick’s day food day/party complete with costumes, decorations, etc. It is really fun.

    I hope to get outside and run this month to (hopefully) enjoy some warmer days.
    Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout recently posted…One Community: March 2014My Profile

  2. Happy Birthday Month! I know so many people who have March birthdays! Love the 10 random acts of kindness idea…excited to hear what you’ll do.

  3. March is here and it is beautiful! Long early morning and sunset walks with my dog require a sweatshirt and I am so happy for this. (That last quote? SO SO great)

  4. I struggle with February. It was the only month in ages in which more than one of us were sick at a time. I was sick in January, actually, and both kids got colds in February.
    March..March. I want to get some vitamin D without sucking it from an eyedropper. Maybe this weekend. Sunshine!
    I want to have corned beef and hash on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s become my tradition since I got pregnant and wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

    • I’ve always wanted to try corned beef and hash for St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe I’ll track down a recipe this year. Vitamin D straight from the sun to us: YES.

  5. I hope March is beautiful too!!! And 100 miles in March sounds amazing. Hope you accomplish that goal!

  6. I’m learning to make more goals more attainable for this month. Love yours- especially meditating every day and the acts of kindness!
    (Also, the photos in this post are beautiful!)
    Christy@SweetandSavoring recently posted…Friday Gratitude: What’s Good Right NowMy Profile

  7. I really struggle with February in general but this February? I felt very defeated by this month which sounds similar to yours in many ways. I love your March goals and so excited that you’re doing 100 miles in March. Amazing. For me, I want to be more proactive vs reaction. I think part of the reason that Feb. felt crazy was because I had so much going on and I felt like I was reacting to it all and thus overwhelmed. And sunshine. I’m in desperate need of sunshine.

  8. February was quite a mixture indeed!
    I like the sound of your march goals.
    I try to meditate daily too, usually early in the morning before everybody else gets up. I find it helps me focus and start the day well. xx
    Funky Wellies recently posted…Silent Sunday / My Sunday Photo | 9th March 2014My Profile

  9. 100 miles?! Oh my gosh that is terrifying in my mind. I’m rooting for you! March is going to be an awesome month I can tell :)

  10. Can I just tell you how fabulous I think it is that you do this? Even if you don’t accomplish every goal you are probably much more likely to accomplish it just because you wrote it down. I love it. You are inspiring. I may have to try something similar. Thank you.
    Crystal @ Sew Creative recently posted…Oooey Gooey Caramel Skillet Cinnamon Roll RecipeMy Profile

  11. Happy early b’day and hope you do meet your goals!!! I don’t set monthly ones – but if I did it would be to have fun for Spring Break!!! If I had a personal one, it would be to eat healthier and my family one would be to cook more for everyone. Hmmm, maybe I need to actually follow through on these!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  12. Love these goals and your grading system is awesome! I really like your random acts of kindness…that would make a great blog post. I am turning 38 next month. This one is taking its toll on me.
    Tara Newman recently posted…5 Ways to Manage Your MorningsMy Profile

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